Walking in a Winter’s Wonderland ..


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Hey guys,

Long time no see. I apologize, I have been rather busy dealing with coursework and other ‘bits and bobs’, you know how it is!

I’ve been rather down lately, feeling ‘stuffy’ as though the world was closing in on me, I have these modes sometimes where I just want to hide in my room and not speak or see anyone. However yesterday I got to come out of that slump a little.

Together with my cousins and friends, we plan an ‘annual’ trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Now, Winter Wonderland can be described in three words; Beautiful, Cold and scary.

Beautiful because of the lights, smells (churros!) and the joyful atmosphere that surrounds the park.

Cold, plainly because it is the middle of winter, in the middle of Hyde Park..

Scary, of course, because of the rides.. Now, I do like a thrill, however some of the rides presented at Winter Wonderland are for adrenaline extremists!!

To summarize, it just won’t do if you do not visit the one and only Winter Wonderland, now may I suggest that you visit with your partner, because there is some real romanticism to be had there, if you are single, such as myself, then I would suggest visiting with a large group of friends/family, to get the best experience. This just means that someone can hold your bag while you get on a ride that they’re too scared to get on!!

T x


Birthday Wisdom


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Having a birthday, for me, is a reflective day. I think about my life, the decisions I’m making and the things I have accomplished.
After waiting a whole year for your birthday, you get to be the centre of attention for a day. Just a day. Then it’s back to reality, back to the struggle of everyday life, where you don’t know where you’re heading, or if you’re ‘heading’ at all, a life where I wouldn’t usually stop to reflect on these things.

Today is my birthday, and I love sharing a birthday with America’s independence day.
So, happy birthday me and Happy birthday America!!



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Walking with you, hand in hand, is peace..

I am calm, my heart beats freely, yet carefully..

For I don’t know how long this will last, yet I just want this moment to never end..

We don’t have to speak, because you know my soul..

We just sit on the grass, on the earth, as it spins slowly..

I can hear your heartbeat, it’s fast, filled with life and excitement..

I can feel your aura, your spirit, it surrounds me.. 

I feel safe, protected..I feel loved. 



Blended Movie Review


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I don’t know about you guys, but Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have been my favourite movie couple since ‘The Wedding Singer’ and then we got to watch them amaze us in 50 First Dates. Naturally, when I saw the trailer for this movie, I started to jump up and down in excitement and anticipation, like a child on Christmas Eve, because, being the movie geek I am, I had prayed and wished that they would make another movie together.
The film exceeded my expectations, and there is no doubting the bond and friendship Sandler and Barrymore have maintained over the years. Although I love Adam Sandler and pretty much all of the movies he has produced, I have to say the movie’s plot could have been a little bit more inventive, perhaps even a Wedding Singer number two. However, that is my only critical comment, other than that, I was so pleased with the movie, it made me laugh, cry and it was a complete pleasure to watch my favourite actor and actress/screen couple, work together once again.

I recommend watching.
T x


There is a time…


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There is a time in a life when a love exists, a love like no other. A love that stays strong for the rest of your living days, a love that never fades, a deep connection. It only strengthens in time and never leaves you broken. A love that is forgiving, promising and a love that touches your heart.

This could be a parents love, a romantic love or any kind. 

Ethical Trading – Know the Now!


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Ethical trading is a big issue within the fashion world, although it is hardly spoken or heard about. Working conditions are poor and unhealthy and there is still the issue of sweatshops being used to produce products at a low cost, which are then sold for bigger profit margins. Sweatshops exploit workers in countries such as Bangladesh, China and in some cases North of Africa.

After researching about the issue,I have subtracted the fact that around two million workers get paid as little as two american dollars a day, with no breaks throughout the whole of the day and in ‘desperately’ poor working conditions. Young, mostly women workers are paid 1.6 cents to produce a ‘Havard’ baseball cap that is retailed at $17 and 5 cents to produce a ‘Disney’ t-shirt that is retailed to consumers at $17.99. Further research shows that around 6,000 human beings, people with families and children are dying daily due to work related illnesses or accidents.

We need to stop this from happening, it is a disgrace, there is nothing humane about any of this. In 2013 a fire caused around 1,000 deaths in a factory in Bangladesh. Companies such as Mango, Walmart, Benetton and Disney made ‘financial contributions’ but did not offer the families any compensation for the deceased.

It is heartbreaking to think of the many young children working in disgraceful conditions at such a low wage, a wage that can’t afford them to pay rent, let alone a loaf of bread.

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an organisation that promotes ethical trading, among many others. The organisation has many members including some well known high street fashion retailers such as River Island, H & M, ASOS and even Sainsbury’s. The organisation expects certain duties from the joining members, which include

*Integrating ethical trading into the business

*To demonstrate a commitment to trade ethically, and

*To report activities openly and accurately.


If enough of us know about the situation ‘behind the scenes’ of the fashion world, then it is enough for us to try and make a difference. It’s a mystery to me as to why we don’t hear enough of these stories on the news or read it in newspapers, are big corporations paying newspapers to keep it quiet? This is probably and almost certainly not the case, the case is that these ‘sweatshops’ are unknown of. Even if we gathered enough evidence that a company is using a sweatshop, we cannot locate it to prove such accusations, and of course the company would never admit such a thing.

I also read a report of Fair-trade and how much of a difference they make, according to them Fair-Trade is a ‘Partnership’ between producers and traders, which is what we like to hear, they aim to help the ‘excluded’ and ‘disadvantaged’ people in developing countries. The report also gives the thought of having Fair-Trade clothing, but I think that may take a while to develop. At least there is some humanity in the world, there are people out there trying to improve the working lives of others and whom are aware of these issues.




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The one thing I tell my friends when they come to me for ‘boy’ advice is ‘don’t make yourself too available.’

Firstly I would like to assure you that I am just as confused as to why they ask for my ‘relationship advice’ seeing as I am yet to experience a romantic relationship. I can’t help but feel ‘inspirational’ (if you like) whilst giving a speech on the do’s and don’t’s to my friend while she sits opposite me with a hopeful puppy dog expression on her face. I’m almost certain I know what I am talking about when she takes a deep breath and says ‘You’re right, that’s what I’m going to do!’

From my experiences and from things I have heard: Men do not get ‘hints’. So does that then mean they do not notice your flirting, or your desire to ‘meet up for a drink’. Well ain’t that a load of ‘hoo-ha’. So are you telling me that men just want us to come out and say ‘Oh hey, yes I like you, I may love you, I’ve already imagined what it’d be like to marry you and the face of our beautiful son called Riley who we will put to bed together every night in our cottage by the country side.’

I don’t think so!

If that is the case, the case of ‘women need to be more obvious because men do not get subtle hints’ then I am sorry my friend, but that is not going to be the final result. We already lower our self esteems, spend hours wondering if we should send that daring text, over analyse every little thing you may have said and put our hearts at risk, to drop you a ‘hint’. So maybe its time for the ‘dynamics’ of the dating world to change. It’s just a thought. After all, I am no expert 😉

What do you think?

T x

10 Things..


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I hate your ego.

I hate your smirk when you hear what you want from me, in my weakest moments.

I hate that you are dismissive.

I hate that I want you.

I hate that you hurt me without realizing.

I hate you for not caring.

I hate that you so easily moved on with your life.

I hate that you don’t try to remember me.

I hate that you can’t express how you feel.

I hate you, because I love you.