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Although it has been a few weeks since I have been to Paris, I will write a little about it.. 

When I arrived in Paris, I was tired, I needed to get to my hotel room asap and sleep! Oh, and also eat.. The joy I felt when opening the door and chucking my suitcase on the floor, before realizing I needed food, was overwhelming.

After having a quick shower, I set off on a walk with my friend/roommate, and we stumbled  across a small cafe/restaurant, that served the most delicious burger I have ever eaten in my entire life! The worst thing about it, is that I never even checked the name of the place, so I cannot tell you, but if I go again and it’s still there, I will be able to update you! Sorry ::)

Paris didn’t seem like the romance city of the world at first, but then the next evening, whilst trying to locate the Eiffel Tower with aching feet, it hit me. Paris definitely has potential for a romantic setting, when you can communicate enough to order a steak and a glass of wine…and as I watched a woman get her red stiletto caught in a ‘street drain’ as she walked with a gal pal, and two men walking from behind coming to their rescue, I laughed, because that my friends, is the most cliche movie scene coming to life right in front of me…  Only in Paris!