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Picking up a bunch of flowers from a market stall or a supermarket is an easy task. To the person buying them, it is merely a gesture, it is bringing flowers to someone because you don’t want to go to their house empty handed, it is simply an apologetic symbol for someone in hospital, and finally it is a small token of love. 

However, to the person receiving them it is much more. It is a statement of ‘someone is thinking of me’, it is having something to make my house pretty and ‘I certainly will think of you every time I look at them’. To the person receiving a bunch of flowers, it is a symbol of love, care and beauty.

It is a symbol of a love, because it touches your heart, and brightens your day, however one day all good things come to end and we must say goodbye.

It is a symbol of care, because like all living things including relationships, we must take care of them, to ensure they grow and blossom. 

It is a symbol of beauty, because although they do not last forever, they were once present, and the memory will live on. Every flower is different, every flower has a meaning, has a duty…

When was the last time you bought flowers for someone?

T x