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Morrocan oil is making its way through our shelves, although it usually can only be bought in salons.
I started using Morrocan oil a few months ago, after having a Brazilian hair treatment. They have both been life changers and I can’t live without them.

After going to a hairdresser that got ‘scissor happy’ and cut my hair too short for my liking, I was advised to use Morrocan oil. Not only does it have all sorts of benefits for your hair such as strengthening and fixing broken bits, it helps it grow at a faster rate.
As for the Brazilian blow dry (which I got done at 3 Crystals in Palmers Green) I believe it to be a revolution. I can straighten my hair within 15 minutes (it took me an hour before).

If you have time and some cash to spare, and you have big frizzy hair such as myself, I strongly recommend trying it out!!

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