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I’m no professional stylist or fashion blogger, however I have some ideas on what I think would look good this summer.

The season is approaching fast despite the occasional, random showers of rain (nothing’s changed there, typical London weather), and so we must consider and get into the mind frame of what fashion looks are to come.

I am not just saying this because green is my favorite color, but I honestly believe that green is never out of fashion, as long as it is worn correctly with colors that compliment it. I believe that emerald and sea greens will be of fashion this summer. I am also going to go ahead and say that yellow should be a color to watch, although it is daring and bold, it will be of a positive impact.

Floral patterns are practically always of fashion, however the trend of spring will probably be carried through to the summer season, with small changes to coloring and sizes of shapes. For example, a hot day during this spring, a chic pair of white & floral, three quarter length trousers would look astounding with a simple white t-shirt/vest, and can be carried through to summer by wearing the same patterning but shorts instead (because of the warmer weather of course).

The only reason I’ve mentioned these mystical white floral trousers is because I have found a pair, and plan to wear them soon.. Do you have any ideas on how I could wear them? I will be sure to write a post with some pictures to accompany it in the near future, so keep a look out!

This is my rough idea of what this summers fashion will bring, but only time will tell, and I know I will have more ideas soon…

T x