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We all know the rules of ‘stranger danger’ guys, it’s important to remember our ‘skills’ and ‘knowledge’ (that we have been taught about many times from parents and elders) when it comes to talking to people we don’t know. There are many people in the world that can and have been affected by even small things, that happen concerning strangers and people in the street.

Most of the ‘strangers’ are genuinely harmless, as they try to get your attention with a whistle or big grin, but we must remember to always take caution. Don’t talk to strangers unnecessarily as you can attract attention that you may, later, come to regret.

Despite this, whether we talk back or choose to ignore whilst walking away as fast as we can (personal experience), it sometimes has a way of making our day. So to the guy (wherever you may be) who greeted me with a polite ‘Good Afternoon Miss’ today, thank you 🙂 and no I wasn’t being rude, I just know that we don’t live in the ‘Old London’ type of era anymore.

Please remind our younger generation, our little sisters and brothers, our nieces and nephews, and family the importance of staying street smart and the dangers that can occur.


Good day to everyone,

T x