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Hey guys,
So like I promised here is my experience with the Brazilian Blow dry.

Coming in to get it done, I had to mentally prepare myself for a long day of transformation, because of the thickness of my hair, it takes longer than it usually does for other clients. The product used on my hair is called On1. It is the strongest one usually for afro hair, mine being afro :p

I’ve come to 3 Crystals in Palmers Green, the salon is run by three sisters, they are my angels in disguise as they have changed my life with this product.

After getting my hair washed, it was time to rough dry it and apply the product, brushing small sections through with it.
I must take my hat off to the girls for being so patient with me, I would have told a client like myself to bugger off a long time ago, but they’re good and they like seeing the transformation just as much as I do.
Once the product is in, there is about a ten minute wait, just to let the product really get into the roots. May I note that the strength of the product can sting your nose and eyes but is not chemically harmful. No pain no gain right ladies? In this case gents too!! While I’ve been here I’ve seen a few guys get it done, it makes their hair shiny and more manageable (less product use). Please remember that you must use a sulphate free shampoo and specific products to ensure that you do not wash the product off!! I use Moroccan oil products and Label M, they smell amazing and it also treats your hair. I also use Moroccan oil which you can read about in a previous post. After my hair is straightened it will be washed within an hour, however all products differ so your hairdresser will advise you on this. I highly recommend this miracle. I am so happy with it, I will never again look back at my dry, dull, frizzy and unmanageable hair. HAPPY DAYS!!!
And so I leave you all with some before and after shots. Let me know what you think.
T x