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I’ve learnt to love learning from my mistakes. It’s a simple saying, that everyone uses ‘Learn from your mistakes’, and there is so much truth behind it. When you do something you learn from it. If you bake a cake and it doesn’t rise properly, you make it again and again until you get it right. That’s just a basic example. When you go through something, a life changing experience you remember it, you learn from it and you are familiar with it.

Personally, I hate being lectured by people, when I’m upset I don’t like people giving me positive words and comforting me. Because I want to mourn, I want to feel angry and upset, so that when I eventually improve my mood and mind, I have gone through the process. It’s not good to shut out feelings and make yourself forget, it’s good to live through it, to experience it. It’s okay to be angry, upset and have complications, it’s natural… After all you’re only human.
But always remember there will be a better day than today, and there will be worser days. You just have to think it through and learn from it. It’s the only thing you can do.
Everyone has there own questions, problems and outlooks, and nothing is wrong, you can’t ask a wrong question. Our minds work in such amazing ways, and so we have the opportunity to experience and learn by hearing things and getting ‘hands on experience’.

Just a thought process. Stay strong friends.

T x