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Traveling the world is something I have always wanted to do. In my 20 years I have only ever been to Cyprus and Paris. The reason I haven’t visited many countries, is because every summer holiday I am visiting family in Cyprus, whom already have homes, and it just seems a little less hassle. However, it doesn’t really become a holiday, because you still have to clean, and deal with family (not always bad, but you get my drift). I would love to take 6 months out, to travel Europe, to experience new things, see new sights, and eat new food. It’s a dream of mine. 
So why aren’t I?

Well, I will tell you why. Being a young woman, my mum will not let me travel anywhere by myself, let alone a tour of Europe, she insist I take someone with me. Which brings me to my second problem, who do I take with me? I have no one willing to take six months out of their life to join me on a tour of Europe. My only hope is to wait, or visit countries individually instead of taking six months. This does break my heart, and sometimes I think “So what? I’ll go by myself, whatever is going to happen will happen.” But the dangers are endless, but how else are we suppose to get on with our lives if we are taught to be scared before we even leave our front door? Is this really a way to live? So my life cannot start until someone has six months to spare to join me? 


So guys, this is my main problem at the moment, meanwhile I will check out different countries and beautiful scenery’s and add them to my bucket list!! Speaking of which, I guess it’s time to start a bucket list, getting older now!!

Have a good day friends,


T x