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I really enjoyed my trip to Dublin even though I didn’t get to go on the coach trip to Kilkenny I had my heart set on. Instead I ventured, with my family, to Dublin Zoo, which ended in sore feet but was worth it. It was a warm day yesterday and so we set out to see some animals.
The zoo is really big and is a great place to spend the day, if you want to kill time and have some fun in the meantime. They have all sorts of animals there, although I was disappointed as I didn’t get to see any giraffes as they were out of ‘eye reach’.
The penguins were particularly adorable, and the peacock took my breath away when opening his feathers. (See pictures below)

Overall I loved Dublin! However if and when I come back, I will make sure I go on a coach tour of the still land to see beautiful lakes and hills, I will also ensure that I find my Gerard Butler (PS I Love You).

Until next time Ireland.

T x