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Hey guys,
So I don’t know if you’ve ever watched The Mindy Project. But you need to. I started watching it last year when it made its appearance on E4. I absolutely loved it. However because I spend my whole summer in Northern Cyprus I didn’t get to watch the last, say 6, episodes. I recently ordered the first season from Ebay and I’ve watched all episodes throughout the last two days.
Let me start by saying I love Mindy, she is amazing. Secondly Danny is a fine man. I am in love with his character, and I am also in love with him in real life (thats Chris Messina) he is outrageously gorgeous. The series makes me happy in general which is weird but I absolutely love it. I am heart broken that the second series will not be released until later this year, and I am also, almost, in tears that Mindy is going to Haiti and didn’t kiss Danny.
So I will have to suffer in suspense for the rest of the year.

T x