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Summer is approaching at a very fast speed. It is time to ditch the junk food ladies and gents, it is time to hit the gym, try some Zumba, or even jog around your garden, because if you’re anything like me, you want to avoid tantrums when trying to dress in heated weather, whether it is in the UK or abroad on holiday.

I have always had a problem with my arms and thighs, they are my two focus areas when trying to tone up and lose weight. I have decided to start going back to the gym, which I pay a lot of money each month, but I never go. I plan to go at least four times a week for an hour each day (minimum). I also plan to eat healthily, this means cutting out carbs, and basing my diet around fruit and vegetables. If I can’t stick to it (I’ve attempted dieting many times before with failure), then I do not know what I will do, come June.

It’s time for me to make an adult decision and search my wardrobe for my sports bra and trainers.

Wish me luck guys, and good luck to all of you who are doing the same. WE CAN DO THIS!

T x