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You know the basics of women and their angry fits when trying to find something to wear out or to a special event that has been planned for weeks. Personally, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere. My most common mistake is tricking myself into believing that I have an outfit figured out for an event such as a wedding or birthday party. Then what I do is, after having a shower and pampering myself, I put this ‘oh so great’ outfit on, and I start to freak out, because it may not look right, or doesn’t flatter me in any way whatsoever.

“I have nothing to wear!” is my number one sentence, that will probably be used for the rest of my life, but the truth is far from that. My clothes take up two wardrobes in my room, and half of my clothes are in my brothers cupboards. My room is always a mess from throwing around clothes that anger me. Yes, I do get angry at the clothes, to a point where I could swear at them, and then swear at myself, for not having a perfect figure, and eating that extra portion of fries.

I believe that this will always be a problem for us ladies, after all we just want to look good and make an impression, we also want to feel good and empowered. Fashion is definitely a way to express these factors. I am currently a little frightened to open my cupboard as I know a pile of clothes, books or shoes will attack my face, get me some armor!

So, although this post does not prove to be helpful of solving this problem, I just wanted fellow ladies to know that: You are certainly not the only one.. So yes, we do need weeks of planning, give us a chance!


T x