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I almost never find inspiration, especially when I am looking for it. If you look for it, it almost never comes to you, because you’re waiting and expecting it, and your mind can become even more blocked and closed off. Inspiration is random, it can pop up anytime it likes, and give you a new idea, or new thoughts. Inspiration is what allows us to create and build beautiful things, and develop marvelous creations.

I love to write, if there is one thing that can relax me and make me happy, it is to write. The written subject can be anything, it can be a short story, a poem, random song lyrics, I just love it. However, I can become really blocked when it comes to writing. Is it because I have too much choice? Is it because my imagination is limited at the time? I don’t know the correct answer, but I have found a way to help myself with this issue, and I am still adapting to it.

I have started to collect and build up on a ‘scrapbook’. Now, I’ve always loved the idea of owning a funky, pretty and inventive scrapbook, but it always seems harder than it looks to keep it up, especially when things get hectic in life. However, documenting my ideas, inspirational pictures, colorful patterns and fabrics in a scrapbook is my perfect remedy for my ‘writers block’. It allows me to look back at my favorite things, and extract some inspiration from it.

So why not have a go at it? Let me know what you think guys..


T x