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The one thing I tell my friends when they come to me for ‘boy’ advice is ‘don’t make yourself too available.’

Firstly I would like to assure you that I am just as confused as to why they ask for my ‘relationship advice’ seeing as I am yet to experience a romantic relationship. I can’t help but feel ‘inspirational’ (if you like) whilst giving a speech on the do’s and don’t’s to my friend while she sits opposite me with a hopeful puppy dog expression on her face. I’m almost certain I know what I am talking about when she takes a deep breath and says ‘You’re right, that’s what I’m going to do!’

From my experiences and from things I have heard: Men do not get ‘hints’. So does that then mean they do not notice your flirting, or your desire to ‘meet up for a drink’. Well ain’t that a load of ‘hoo-ha’. So are you telling me that men just want us to come out and say ‘Oh hey, yes I like you, I may love you, I’ve already imagined what it’d be like to marry you and the face of our beautiful son called Riley who we will put to bed together every night in our cottage by the country side.’

I don’t think so!

If that is the case, the case of ‘women need to be more obvious because men do not get subtle hints’ then I am sorry my friend, but that is not going to be the final result. We already lower our self esteems, spend hours wondering if we should send that daring text, over analyse every little thing you may have said and put our hearts at risk, to drop you a ‘hint’. So maybe its time for the ‘dynamics’ of the dating world to change. It’s just a thought. After all, I am no expert 😉

What do you think?

T x