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I don’t know about you guys, but Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have been my favourite movie couple since ‘The Wedding Singer’ and then we got to watch them amaze us in 50 First Dates. Naturally, when I saw the trailer for this movie, I started to jump up and down in excitement and anticipation, like a child on Christmas Eve, because, being the movie geek I am, I had prayed and wished that they would make another movie together.
The film exceeded my expectations, and there is no doubting the bond and friendship Sandler and Barrymore have maintained over the years. Although I love Adam Sandler and pretty much all of the movies he has produced, I have to say the movie’s plot could have been a little bit more inventive, perhaps even a Wedding Singer number two. However, that is my only critical comment, other than that, I was so pleased with the movie, it made me laugh, cry and it was a complete pleasure to watch my favourite actor and actress/screen couple, work together once again.

I recommend watching.
T x