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Hey guys,

Long time no see. I apologize, I have been rather busy dealing with coursework and other ‘bits and bobs’, you know how it is!

I’ve been rather down lately, feeling ‘stuffy’ as though the world was closing in on me, I have these modes sometimes where I just want to hide in my room and not speak or see anyone. However yesterday I got to come out of that slump a little.

Together with my cousins and friends, we plan an ‘annual’ trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Now, Winter Wonderland can be described in three words; Beautiful, Cold and scary.

Beautiful because of the lights, smells (churros!) and the joyful atmosphere that surrounds the park.

Cold, plainly because it is the middle of winter, in the middle of Hyde Park..

Scary, of course, because of the rides.. Now, I do like a thrill, however some of the rides presented at Winter Wonderland are for adrenaline extremists!!

To summarize, it just won’t do if you do not visit the one and only Winter Wonderland, now may I suggest that you visit with your partner, because there is some real romanticism to be had there, if you are single, such as myself, then I would suggest visiting with a large group of friends/family, to get the best experience. This just means that someone can hold your bag while you get on a ride that they’re too scared to get on!!

T x